Remedies for Dark Circles

July 11, 2014




Hi bombshells! I have a blog post for you today that I am sure many of us can relate to. Dark Circles…. Love them or hate them, but they aren’t really something to be proud of or that any of us want. Sadly, they tend to show on some people more than on others. Thankfully, there are many remedies out there that claim improvement and even disappearance from these raccoon-looking shadows in our eyes.


Today I will be showing you what has worked for me and remember loves, not all skin types are the same.


So, in the first one I showed you guys a cucumber and a potato photo. I’m sure most of you have heard about cucumbers, but personally I love potatoes as well. Place one slice on each eye (either potato or cucumber) and relax for 15 minutes; your eyes will feel amazing once you take off the slices.


A spoon? Yes, a spoon! There are many products which claim to get rid of puffy eyes in the morning; I’m sure we’ve all seen commercials. Well, I use the good ‘ol spoon trick to remove the darkness from my eyes every morning. Simply place the cold spoon several times over your eyes until you don’t see any dark areas. Practice this with caution as the spoon might burn you if it’s too cold. What I do is very simple, test in your hand before putting it in your eyes.


Sleeping Beauty? No, this isn’t about going to sleep until prince charming magically awakens us. Sleeping is the best thing you could do for yourself. Doctors have performed studies in which they have proven the positive effects that a good 8 hour sleep can have on someone. Results are seen in the skin, hair, nails and mood; but, let’s focus on the skin…. You want what’s best for you and if you don’t


 Night creams! Yes, I’ve shown you guys creams that I love for myself, but honestly finding a cream which works for your skin is the best thing. As a personal example, in the past a really good friend of mine was using a high end night cream which I thought just for it being expensive was going to work just as well on myself. Well, let’s just say it didn’t and it was a waste of time and money. That’s why I began to experiment with different ones until I found the perfect one for me. A great alternative would be for you to experiment with the potato and cucumber serum that I showed you guys J



I hope you love this post just as much as I do and that you find it informative and inspirational.


Hope to hear from you guys, e-mail me (go to the contact me tab on the top right corner of this site).




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