Hair looks and styles for short hair

July 18, 2014










Short hair is everything and so it is; why?

Throughout my life I’ve always had super long hair, but it came to a point in which it was too much to handle.  Living in Florida means dealing with only one season throughout the year, in my personal opinion, which is summer. The humidity and the heat were not on my side and so long story short I decided to go for a shorter more fresh look and chopped my hair off!


Now, I have the possibility of styling my hair in many more ways than before and this is awesome and less time consuming.


Above, I share with all of you the different styles that I love most so that you can become inspired. Please remember to always use a heat protectant in your hair before treating your hair with heat and to use a flat/curling iron that won’t burn your hair. Below, I will list some products which I love so that it is easier for you.

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