Claws ❀ Nail Inspiration

August 29, 2014



Hi my beautiful dolls!


I hope all of you have had an amazing summer <3 <3

On today’s blog post I am going to be writing about fake nails which look a lot like claws. Halloween is just around the corner and why not spend the month of October with trendy fashionable nails. This style of nails is very similar to the oval shaped look from the 90’s, except the claw look is pointier.


Recently, while getting my manicure and pedicure I met a girl who is obsessed with acrylic nails, but not the usual style - this girl loves claws. So, when she arrived at the salon, she knew what style she wanted, but had no idea as to what color to choose. That’s when I saw that she began looking online for pictures.


Let’s be honest ladies, at some point we’ve gone to the sally with the idea of what we wanted and since the stylist didn’t see an actual picture we weren’t very happy with the results. That’s why on today’s post I have decided to search for nail looks that come in handy when visiting the salon. For those of you who know me, I love nude soft colors, but black nails in this style are gorgeous!


Perhaps this Halloween or throughout the month of October I’ll have one of these looks, but for now enjoy.


Please continue writing to me with ideas. I would love to post more of what you like.


Take care beautiful!





*The images above were picked randomly and are not my own; no copyright intended. 

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