October 3, 2014

Hello my beautiful friends,

Megan Fox is one of the most beautiful actresses in Hollywood, no doubt about that. On today’s post you will learn about the different eye shadow colors used for light eyes. Also, I will post my opinion on her look and why it works with her outfits. 



Megan’s makeup artist did an outstanding job with this look. I really like the way he matched the two colors from her dress with her eye shadow colors. Hair and makeup are both very elegant, but what makes her smokey eye stand out is how well it was blended. Besides black, her makeup artist used gold and a shimmery whitish color.

*This look works for brown eyes as well. 



If you are one of those gals who isn’t necessarily fascinated nor attracted to dramatic eyes, the look above is the right one for you. Notice that this look will enhance light eyes:  hazel, blue or green. The colors are very subtle, yet include greens and blues with a touch of black. Megan is not seen often with dramatic lashes. All of her looks are delicate and created to enhance her natural facial features.  


I love this look, being that I live in Florida and at times due to humidity it becomes rather difficult to keep your hair frizz free. In the look above, Megan is seen with bold eyebrows and her signature smokey eye. There is one thing which makes her eye-makeup so unique and that is that the most intense part of her eye shadow is usually towards the end of her crease. Megan clearly went for a soft pink lip color which works great with dark eye shadows. As for her hair, I think it works great; the look was achieved with a curling iron and lots of hair spray.


I hope you enjoyed these looks and that you find all of this inspiring.

Thank you for visiting the blog and stay in touch.



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