NEW BAG: Michael Kors in gold

January 12, 2015

Hello to all of my beautiful ladies!

I hope that each of you had an excellent holiday season with your family and loved ones. This holiday season was very special and Santa was extra generous with me. By the tittle, you will be able to know that among my gifts I got a beautiful Michael Kors purse. In the past, I had fallen in love with this bag and finally on Christmas I got it.

Below are all details regarding this beautiful bag. 

The bag is Michael Kors large mirror metallic bag in gold. What I love most about it, is the fact that it’s a structured bag. Honestly, who enjoys not finding anything within a bag, when in a hurry.  


Here is a sneak peek of when I was adding all of my essentials inside the bag, I was not yet finished but I wanted for you to get a glance of how organized this bag is. Another fact that I enjoy is that it has many pockets on both sides which makes my life easier because as I always say, “everything has a home” and it is easy for me to find everything. Once I open my Youtube channel I plan on doing a what’s in my bag. <3



A little detail that the bag brought and I thought it was so cute and special because this way you could take care of your bag. In the past, I had purchased designer bags and I never got a note on how to take care of my bag which was sad, because I ended up throwing them away. </3


Of course, I cannot live without hand sanitizer.  Being a germ freak this product is a must and I really like this scent because it’s so soft, yet I find that it doesn’t leave my hands all dry.


I really love this bag and I recommend for all of you to get one because they are adorable and having it just makes me so happy. Also, I forgot to mention that with this baby I was also given a pink Michael Kors wallet. I have a picture of it posted on Instagram! Check it out and follow me for more updates and details.


As always, keep in touch ! Love you! 

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