Dinner at Versace. Details on my night.

February 2, 2015



I have promised this post for quite some time and here it is! Versace, Versace, Versace ! It was an incredible night, I was treated as a princess…  I went to have dinner at the Versace mansion and hands down, the service, the food and environment were outstanding.


Being that this was a surprise dinner for me, I had no time to plan. I went into my room and the dress was already there, waiting for me. The shoes, I picked out myself afterwards, they are from Jessica Simpson. <3arianela ianelanela











































































































































































































































































































































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In like manner, there is detail in mostly everything around this magnificent structure. The bathrooms, the hallways and all of the decorations are all considered a masterpiece with its signature Versace sign. Also, while being inside the mansion, I looked up and thought I was going to stumble upon a decorated roof. Well this wasn’t the case, I saw something more magnificent… Nature and its stars, which in Miami are difficult to see being that there is too much lighting within the city.



If you ever stop by Miami, the Versace Mansion is the place to dine in. Being that the mansion is so large, you have the option of dining in the actual restaurant which is inside – or by the pool which was my choice. 


The food deserves a 4/5, the bread is absolutely delicious and they have a variety of drinks for you to choose from (both alcoholic and nonalcoholic). As for the food presentation, it is absolutely exquisite!


The mansion is breath taking and it’s amazing to know that someone ever lived under so much opulence.  


Thank you and Love youuu!

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