Sofia Vergara and her best makeup looks


If you’re like me, then you are a huge Sofia Vergara fan. Everything about her is perfect, from the way she styles her hair, wardrobe and make-up. Sofia, is such an inspiring woman to look up to and consider a role-model.


Blonde is a color that complements her well… I love the way she gets her makeup done, it reminds me a lot of how my mom does her makeup. Usually, she doesn’t go for a round shaped eye shadow in the corner of the eye. Instead, she extends it which is different than how most people do their makeup nowadays.


As for her lips, I love, love, love the color she uses. I am very pale and as a personal preference I try to use as many pinks as possible because red really stands out. Sofia can get away with this perfect because of her beautifully golden skin tone.

Congrats to her on her star at the walk of fame!  She worked so hard for this accomplishment, basing her effort on values, principles and self respect as a woman which is a true reflection of a role model.





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