How I Grew Long Natural Nails

April 9, 2016


Long nails never sparked my attention in the past. Maybe this had to do with the fact that my nails were very weak and sensitive. Every single time I would try to grow them, they would break. But one day, I had a talk with my doctor who told me about the importance of Vitamin D. In reality, ever since I’ve taken the powerful pill, I’ve noticed an improvement in nail growth. Take a look at my latest manicure!

My Technique For Nail Growth

What I did was quite simple, I stopped putting my nails in my mouth, took Vitamin D every day for 1 month, and filed my nails so they wouldn’t chip. Honestly, there was a point in which I thought about buying those fancy polishes that claim to strengthen your nails, but I didn’t. Somehow, I wanted to go far beyond and experiment for myself.

 Hope this helps & Love you all <3


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