Prettiest Lipsticks for Fall

October 1, 2016





As we know, Fall made its grand entrance, and this year’s beauty trends are moving onward with colors that are true to one of the most magical seasons there is. If you’re a fan of pigmented makeup, and shades that resemble autumn, take a look at these five lip products that I’ve personally tried and fell in love with.


VENOM by Urban Decay

Once the leaves become crisp and orangey, there’s no excuse as to why we can’t rock darker lipsticks or glosses. Take, for example, this beautiful purplish lipstick (with a pink undertone) by Urban Decay. It appears to have been curated with a creamy ingredient that simply glides and moisturizes your lips. And for someone, such as myself, with dry lips, anything that’ll give me a rush of hydration is always welcomed.


So if you’re a fan of bold colors, give this lipstick a try. It’s quite pigmented and long lasting, giving your overall look a more radiant effect.


WEIRDO by Urban Decay

Due to the fact that not everyone is into colors that resemble the crisper season, there’s always a classic, yet subtle option to choose from. Weirdo by Urban Decay is the perfect product for those of you who love to pout for selfies. Its sheer and full-on formula will quite frankly become a staple product in your beauty bag this Fall. Just as Venom, you can expect the same creamy finish and hydration.


Nevertheless, dazzle all of your self-portraits with a color that reflects your personality, because this shade certainly mirrors mine.


ALPHA by Urban Decay


If you’re in for the perfect drop-dead-fuchsia color, then look no further. Embossed with Urban Decay’s logo, you can expect the same results as Venom and Weirdo. And so, on your lazy days when all you want is for all of the attention to be focused on your lips, cover them with this rich and soft lipstick.


For a universally flattering effect, make sure to use a full coverage foundation with this lipstick as it’ll really help the color blend in with your makeup.


L’Oréal Infallable


Not so long ago, I embarked on an overseas trip where I learned that L’Oreal -- the affordable brand we find in most drugstores -- was considered a luxury makeup line in most European countries. At that time, I didn’t know about the richness and pigmentation that hid inside each product. Now, with a good amount of L’oréal products stocked in my makeup vanity, I know that this is a brand that I could trust.


So when I had to pick a semi-matte, creamy lipstick, with a glossy kick to it, my first choice was Rouge Envy. Its final finish is flawless -- as for the feel, it’s quite creamy. So beyond upgrading to a richer lip product, I’ve learned to fall in love with a bargain that’s worth the splurge.


CIRCA's Rita


Applying a good ol’ red lipstick is a statement to be made. At least that’s what I learned from my mom, who’s always carried a red lipstick in her beauty bag. But quite honestly, mastering a red lipstick entails more than just layering your lips with the product. For me, a flawless application only takes one stroke. So when I had the chance to get my hands on Rita by CIRCA, I fell in love with red all over again.


Its application was smooth, and even though the finish is a bit matte, your lips won’t feel dry, but instead enriched in a creamy formula. Thus, in lieu of spending your piggy bank savings on lipsticks that are overpriced, indulge yourself in Fall’s most iconic and must-have lip products.


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