Gifts to Purchase for Black Friday

November 12, 2016

It’s somewhat traditional to give your loved ones a well-thought-out present for the holidays. But let’s face it, sometimes those gifts aren’t used beyond January. And if you’re intimidated by exhausting lines that never seem to end -- and legions of people during black Friday -- I’ve found a solution. It’s quite simple: Make a list ahead of time, and gift an item that your friends and family will actually use.


For this I’ve gathered three products that promise to become a staple item in the routine of either a man, or a woman.


Get Away with a Good Cologne.

Soaking up in cologne won’t guarantee that a man will become a chick magnet. The idea of exuding a delicious scent throughout the day falls beyond what you’ve seen in sensual TV ads. For me, a good fragrance -- whether for men or women -- has to have its own powerful sillage within the formula. And with Ralph Lauren’s Polo Blue cologne, you’ll get just that -- an invigorating woody scent that’s both refreshing and long-lasting. So if you’re willing to pay $36.00, remember that this cologne is a gift that’ll be used for more than one season.


The Gift That Keeps On Giving

 (Take a look at how I created a makeup look using Tarte's Tartelette).


We all have that one friend who loves makeup, yet rocks the same eye look every single day. To help an alluring transformation happen, gift this person a palette capable of either giving a hint of color on the lids, or an overall dramatic smokey eye. So whether she’s in a hurry or not, through russets, dusky pinks, and copper shades, she’ll be able to create looks that gives off a quiet intensity of both color and vibrancy. At only $45.00 dollars, this palette promises to last for a really long time.


A Stylish Gift for Him or Her


If there’s one accessory we can reuse on an everyday basis, is a bag. After all, being stylish is a task that some women, or men, take very seriously. And 2017 is no exception. This upcoming year, fashionable backpacks promise to become the new statement. So whether you have a friend who’s into solid leather, or faux fur, there are plenty of unisex backpacks to choose from. Like this $75.00 stunning backpack that’ll awe the person who’s unwrapping the gift.


And remember, the best gift we could ever share with anyone is love.




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