An Exclusive Peek Inside My Thanksgiving Dinner

November 27, 2016


Once the brilliance of the holiday season sparks our homes, it’s certainly time to cut down on diets and indulge ourselves in the festive meals. At least, for me, food is what brings us together at the dinner table. So this year, I wanted to spark the magic of Thanksgiving through my cooking. After a vast search, I was delighted to see how a traditional meal -- cooked by yours truly -- came about.


So if you're wondering if my cooking was a success, all I received were compliments. And as you will see, the table was decorated to the nines, and assembled with delicious portions which included: Cream spinach, a cranberry salad mixed with celery and walnuts, creamy mashed potatoes, and green beans curated in white wine vinegar and dijon mustard, then sprinkled with almonds. As for the turkey, we decided to forgo, and branched out by serving ham and chicken. 


Ahead take a look at my delicious and exciting Thanksgiving. Happy holidays!









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