3 Beauty Products I'll Repurchase

February 14, 2017

Bombshells! When I go shopping for makeup or beauty products I don't fallow a guide as to what products work on other people or not. Instead I gravitate towards what attracts me. For instance the packaging, its claims, and the price--sometimes you get what you paid for. And so, I'll share with you three products I currently can't live without. 


1. Pink's 2 in 1 Body Wash

 After a stressful day, rinsing dead skin cells off, and washing away all impurities is perhaps one of the best feelings in the world. After all, taking a shower or bath is a time to relax. And to aid my routine a bit more, I got my hands on this delicious body wash/ scrub that smells amazing too, although the scent doesn't linger. As it turned out, inside this gel formula there are a generous amount of little scrubs, making it waaaay easier to cleanse my skin, leaving it baby smooth and ready for what the night or day has in store.


2. Urban Decay's Primer Potion

 Greasy eyelids are no bueno (got this phrase from a friend)! At least, in my opinion, I don't like shiny-creasy eyeshadows without enough pigmentation. For me a good eye look has to last and look good all throughout the time I'm wearing it. And with the magical formula behind this potion, I not only achieve longevity but a radiant color as well. 


3. Ulta's Brow Gel

 Filling in your brows should have a subtle yet noticeable effect. And on a personal note, I'm a gal who's always gravitated towards powders and pencils. But the creaminess and pigmentation behind this brow gel couldn't have come at a better time. What made me fall in love with this little gadget is how it's able to fill in my brows without having to overline them. If you ever get your hands on this Ulta exclusive, you'll notice how it goes on smooth, gliding through and covering every strand of hair. 


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