How To Properly Wash Your Face At Night

February 15, 2017

 Did you know that how you wash your face could have an impact on your skin? As it turns out, many women are guilty of sleeping with makeup on, while others simply don't know the right way and necessary steps to properly cleanse their face


To help you achieve a healthier canvas, I've gathered 3 easy steps that'll leave your skin squeaky clean without washing away its natural oils. 


Step 1: Use makeup removing wipes to remove your entire face makeup. In these moist towelettes is a formula that's not only gentle on the skin, but also powerful enough to get rid of waterproof makeup--which I do not recommend using. 


Step 2: Apply a gentle cream around the eyes to remove any leftover residue, better known as the eyeliner effect. And if you're unsure about what cream to use, aim for one that's rich in vitamins or collagen. These are an excellent overnight moisturizer!


Step 3: Wash your face with water and soap, even if the little bar seems scary it does amazing things for your skin. As an example, a great body and face soap is Dove's white bar. It's super gentle and moisturizing on your skin and fragrance free, a huge plus for those of you with acne prone skin. 


And remember, washing your face every morning and at night is a must, and part of the equation that decodes healthy glowing skin. 


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