How My Selfie Game Has Evolved

February 16, 2017

Way before Kim K introduced the word "selfie" into our e-social lives, I already had my fair share of self portraits on Myspace--yes, selfies are a huuuuge TB for me! But these days, Insta's most beloved polaroid has a story of its own, just like our feed. For example, when selfies first emerged no one used filters to enhance how they looked, not including the fact that not many of us knew about good lighting, or had YouTubers (like yours truly) helping us take our makeup game a step further


And in honor of capturing our best and most glamorous moments in one shot, I've gathered 4 of my favorite selfies of all time, plus a short blurb that explains a bit about the madness behind each click--enjoy!


1. The serious phase 

I remember when I had to wear braces I would hate smiling on pictures as I didn't like how my teeth looked with brackets. And if you look closely to most of my selfies, I always turn my face a bit. 

2. Looking straight at you

I once heard that taking selfies with the phone facing downward made your face look slimmer, and so, I tried it. In reality, I didn't find much of a difference. This pose only lasted for so long. 

3. Oh Snap!

I adooooore Snapchat filters! And of course, this selfie is an all time favorite, not because of the pose or anything, but rather because it reminds me of a special night with friends and family. Just like a perfume scent, a picture can bring back many memories.

4. Finally, a smile for once

It wasn't until I was done with braces that I didn't smile again in pictures. At this point, I knew about good lighting and strong makeup for pictures. This selfie is perhaps my favorite one of all time. It captures my blissfulness all in one. 

And so, I think that I'm not the only one who's evolved with technology, when it comes to taking pictures. Tag me on social media with your favorite selfie, I'd love to see it!





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