How I Hydrate My Body After A Hot Shower

February 21, 2017

Admit it, most likely you're guilty of creating a mini-sauna inside of your bathroom. And while that creamy soap you use attempts to bring more moisture into your skin, it might just not be enough. 


After each hot shower, or bath, you should be coating your skin with moisturizers that'll work hard for you--from head to toe--leaving it smooth and hydrated.


Ahead, take a look at 3 products that've improved my skin and the steps to follow. 


Step 1: Don't skip your moisturizer


To make a glow happen, I use Vaseline's Intensive Care Cocoa Radiant Body Lotion every night throughout my entire body, excluding the areas where I have breakouts. This specific cream has cocoa butter in it, an amazing ingredient that helps prevent stretch marks, while minimizing the appearance of existing ones--dry and brittle skin is more susceptible to  stretch marks.


After each use, and as the cream is absorbed by your skin, the end result will have a super smooth feel. And if you're wondering about the cream's claim regarding its glow, it takes a few weeks of constant use for it to appear. It's not an effect that'll blow you away, but what I did notice was that my skin tone evened out, and that it looked refreshed. 


Step 2: Add more layers of hydration with a non-greasy oil

Rather than rethinking what oils work best, a soothing solution is Palmer's Skin Therapy Oil. This gentle, yet powerful product works really well on red stretch marks, which could become darker after showering or bathing with hot water. Start with just two pumps, and follow by massaging the affected areas--your elbows, underneath your underarms, and places where you know your skin is very dry. The oil isn't greasy and it's easily absorbed by your skin. To see results you'll have to wait at least four weeks. Afterwards you'll notice and feel an improvement in color and texture. 



Step 3: Revitalize your feet with pure Vaseline

Yes, it's cheap and really good--and probably the best remedy for dry feet. It's called Vaseline. This moisture-boosting jelly is a major step for people with cracked heels or even calluses. And to achieve the very best results, scoop a generous amount of product and rub it all throughout your feet. In order for the moisture to be fully concentrated, put on a pair of socks overnight. In the morning, you'll feel and see a huge difference.


As of now, I'm trying to gradually shower with lukewarm water. I've seen older people who've gotten used to taking cold showers and their skin looks amazing. 


Share with me any comments or questions, and take a look at one of my inspiring YouTube beauty videos. 


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