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March 2, 2017




Like that girl on YouTube who left a chunk of her hair wrapped around a curling iron for too long, good advice to prevent mistakes from happening always comes in handy. After all, when it comes to makeup and hair, the last thing we want is a bad result. And in honor of good outcomes, I’ve gathered several tips on things you shouldn’t do, especially at a makeup store. With only 3 little secrets, shop like a pro next time you're at the mall!


Stay away from makeup brushes

Sure, we’ve all been there—you see a product you like and before even noticing, you’re using a salesperson’s brush to test out the product on your face. But what you may not know is how that furry little tool contains millions of bacteria, most of which are capable of producing nasty breakouts. And as my dermatologist explained to me, not everyone will clean their brushes as you do, therefore, it’s best to prevent than to later see how your skin becomes irritated and full of bumps.


Don’t trust the lighting inside the store

Just like selfies, good lighting could change the way makeup looks on your skin. Think of that time you tried on a really nice foundation inside a store. Do you remember noticing how the makeup didn't look the same under sunlight? If so, there is one thing you could do: Dab on a small amount of product onto your skin, and walk into nature's most powerful beam of light, the sun, it won't let you down.


Know your stuff before going in

There are thousands of foundations, primers, glosses, and eyeshadows out there (just to name a few!). And if you’ve ever felt caught up with stocked up shelves full of makeup, you’re not alone. To prevent any returns or exchanges, truly research the product you want to buy, or take a look at my beauty favorites. This small homework assignment could help you find the right product without having to experiment.


Now, in hindsight, shop smarter and look even better with these helpful tips. Feel free to reach out with any comments or questions, I always love reading from you.


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