How I Transformed My Nails With A Bold Color and Style

March 4, 2017

With one hand I can count the number of times I’ve worn black nail polish. But it wasn’t until I discovered Pinterest, that I decided to give the darkest shade of them all a chance. In the app, I was looking for a for a style, and color, that were both edgy and elegant. And for once, I stepped inside my nail spa knowing exactly how I wanted to shape and paint my own natural nails—long and pointy, and coated with a beautiful black shellac polish by OPI (#GCT02).


After almost half an hour of hard work by my nail expert, I had given my fingertips a beautiful transformation. For now I'll wait for my next appointment, but next time I'm due, I'll hopefully sharpen up my claws a bit more. 


And if you liked this manicure, request it next time, or take a look at how I grow natural and super strong nails

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