Enlighten Your Spring With These Gorgeous Lipsticks

April 4, 2017

Heralding the end of Fall, is Spring—a season when flowers bloom, vivid colors arise from golden crispy leaves, and both fashion and beauty trends undertake a new form. Around the world, many women lineup in beauty stores to splurge on the latest makeup releases: eyeshadow palettes, highlighters, and of course, lipsticks and glossy stains.


And so, if you’re among the legions of ladies whom are dazzled not only by the formula, but also by the bullet shaped packaging that undertake a gorgeous transformation four times a year, then you’ll love a small collection of lip products that I’ve gathered (and tried) with you in mind.


First, is Urban Decay’s Menace—an iconic pick that’s both creamy and matte, as well as highly pigmented. This extraordinary tube is a long lasting beginning for women who don’t have time to retouch their makeup during the day. But if you do decide to stack up on this product, make sure to use a hydrating lip mask before as your lips could feel dry.

And while some vivid hues are still trending, you can’t start off Spring without a peachy-pink that’s both subtle and refreshing. Yes, YSL’s Corail in Touch is not only a playful dash of elegance through each stroke, but also the perfect lipstick for a smokey eye. Which is also an amazing option for women who love a lip-paint that’s in-between matte and glossy, without losing its longevity and lusciousness.


Now, if what you’re craving is a flash of shine, without spending too much, then you’d love Victoria Secret’s FEATURE À LEVRES. This candy-colored lip stain is not too strong, and looks very natural on the lips, which, when coupled with any bar lipstick, will have a highly pigmented result.

 On a final note, I love lipsticks, and this passion has led me to try an array of shades over the passing of time. And if I’ve learned one thing that I could pass on to you is to always try a product and see if it looks good on you.


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