6 Pictures on How to Decode My Birthday Outfit

June 30, 2017

Athleisure is a thing I am guilty of. But when I dress up for a special occasion I really take my time finding the perfect piece. Just a few weeks ago, I celebrated my 26th birthday (woohoo!), and as part of what the evening entailed—a dinner at a nice restaurant with my family—I wanted to find a look that resembled my personal brand, the colors I love most, and the cuts too.


With a legendary tight and creamy-colored dress from Marciano, I accentuated my silhouette. In many ways, the stretchy material cinched my body in the right places! And then again, without confidence and a strong approach to knowing that there’s nothing wrong with being a curvy girl, I embarked on what became a magical night. Here’s a closer look at what I wore.


At the very end, I’ll share with you details on where to purchase my full outfit.


Hello 26!


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Details matter

The fine lace-up design was the spotlight on this fashion pick. Literally, a touch of sexiness without overexposing.


For footwear I paired the outfit with Christian Louboutin shoes, So Kate's to be exact, they are know for being very uncomfortable.  

Put a ring on it!

Drawing attention to your hands doesn't mean you have to wear a door knob with a perfectly crafted cut. For me, rings are part of my every day going-out routine. 


When I visited Aldo, I looked at this piece and fell in love with it. The floral inspired shape, that secures itself in two of your fingers, is a beautiful design that makes the perfect statement to any of your looks.


Below see where I made the purchase!


Dress: Marciano  -- Shoes: Christian Louboutin -- Ring: Aldo 


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And before you go, here's how I did my makeup for the night.

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