How to Boost Your Selfie Game With 2 Products

July 6, 2017

Nowadays every possible makeup look imaginable appears to be the norm. And how can it not—legions of women are becoming experts in the art of carving their face while adding touches of highlight that are later exposed in self-polaroids.


If you’re fond to social media, and follow beauty accounts, you’d probably learned that good lighting is key. But far beyond filters, and impromptu illumination methods, there are products that’ll boost your picture game a notch.


Curious? Take a look at what I gathered for you!


1. Behind most pro-selfies is a good primer!

Not all primers work the same nor give the same finish. For instance, many primers tend to dry up your face, while others don’t honor their longevity claims. After trying an enormous amount of products to help my makeup last throughout the day, I found 1 that works. It’s Korres’ Priming Moisturizer—a lightweight, soothing formula created with Greek yogurt. It’s powerful enough to hydrate all skin types without being too overbearing.


While using this product I’ve noticed that my foundation stays in place, and as the day goes by my skin doesn’t look oily, or flaky (talk about hormones!). Of course, I pair this product with SPF for extra protection.


On pictures, whether during the day or night, and after applying foundation, you’ll notice a subtle, healthy glow. If you’re interested, Korres’ primer is sold at Sephora for $42.


And if you're someone who takes mirror selfies, take a look at my review below!


2. Master the art of body glow with this product

Very often we focus our attention on our face, while forgetting about the rest of our body.

For me a healthy glow is key, especially if I know I’ll be taking pictures. To illuminate my skin I use Kopari’s Coconut Body Glow.


Think of this product as an illuminator for your body with a sun-kissed finish. To achieve the best result, I apply an even coat on my arms, chest, neck and legs. Then I wash my hands as it does leave a residue behind. 


If you'd like to splurge, you can buy Kopari's shimmery oil at Sephora for $42


And remember, you’re a poised woman. Your conviction of self-acceptance and love will always be your biggest beauty secret, no matter what. True beauty can only exist if it radiates from within.





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