How These 4 Tips Could Help You Achieve Clear Skin

July 18, 2017


I’m a fair-skinned, brown-haired girl, and at some point I was speckled with little stubborn red dots better known as pimples. Some of these breakouts were caused by hormones, while others emerged as a result of my diet—reminders that show us how important healthy eating is.


While I longed for clear skin, I wasn’t taking the necessary steps to see what I had envisioned. It wasn’t until I decided to take the following steps that I saw an improvement.


  1. Visiting a dermatologist.

There are encouraging news for those suffering from acne and blotches. With a professional treatment you may not have to worry about overdosing on foundation and concealer. A promising and comforting fact to know! Healthy skin is always welcomed, and the same applies to scheduling a visit with a skin specialist—it’ll change your life!


  2. Don’t touch your face.


If there’s one rule I learned from a dermatologist was to not touch or pick my face. Our fingers hold a lot of bacteria, especially our nails. When you scratch, pop, or even touch your face with your fingertips, you may be bringing more germs unto the surface of your skin.


This small, yet effective trick improved my skin tremendously.


These are my favorite drugstore products to fight acne


  3. Wash your face 2 times per day.


I routinely wash my face in the morning and evening using a gentle face wash. A prominent tip I should also disclose is not over-wash—doing so streaks your skin from its natural oils. Following this step, and as your face heals, you’ll notice a positive change in texture and pigmentation.


  4. Use SPF.


The fact is, exposure to sunlight is bad. Regardless of what shade your complexion is, beaming rays are powerful enough to damage your skin. Often times, many people won’t see the effects of timeless tanning until decades after. As a plan of protection, swap out heavy creams and invest in a good moisturizer with SPF. Apply a generous coat every morning before heading out. Over time you’ll notice how sunspots banish, leaving smoother and healthier skin behind.


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