3 Products That Transformed My August Beauty Ritual

August 29, 2017

What is it about buying makeup that’s so addictive? To most of us, looking at a pallette and thinking that we’re going to recreate 20 looks is what comes to mind. To others, is a way of splurging on a true passion that translates into art. Yes, makeup is far more than a layer of product on top of your skin.


Back when I began wearing makeup, I didn’t have a YouTube channel to look at (thankfully now you have mine!). It wasn’t until I received my very first makeup classes that I learned about the power of makeup, and that’s when I fell in love. Over the years I’ve mastered the techniques while practicing on acquaintances and close family. If it weren’t for these experiences I wouldn’t know how to choose the products that I knew would work.


And so, it all translates into my favorites, what I've learned to love. These are my August favorites.


1. Urban Decay’s Pressed Finishing Powder

Shop: $34 (Powder)


Recognized as the brand that formulated the perfect primer potion, Urban Decay’s products are a staple in my morning routine. Just recently, I came across a pressed powder that’s perfect if you love to contour and highlight without looking shiny.


In a simple step, I apply the product on the areas where I know I don’t want a glow: everything except my cheekbones, the tip of my nose,  and in between the brows. During the day I don’t notice that my skin dries up more than usual, a huge plus! 


Love makeup? See what are the products that'll work hard on your skin at the office!


2. Latisse

Shop: By prescription only


I’ve used Latisse for a while now—I honestly couldn’t see myself without it. Not only have my lashes grown, but I also notice an improvement in my brows. With what's left of the product, I strobe each brow. Hair does grow thicker and longer.


I do plan on doing a video reviewing Latisse with before and after pictures, of course.


3. Champagne Pop!

 Shop: $89


Jaclyn Hill is one of my favorite beauty gurus. I can identify with her in many aspects. In the past, I have tried products she’s talked about and I’ve never been deceived. When I finally heard that she’d created a palette with Becca I had to buy it and create a look of my own, just as you'll see in the video above.


Every single day for the past month I’ve used champagne pop on my cheekbones for a soft glow, depending on how much product you apply you could get away with a subtle or very pigmented look. If you get your hands on one I’ll promise you’ll be hooked. 


What are your August favorites? Is there a product you love? 





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