Doable Pre-Fall Designer Looks To Dazzle

September 12, 2017

Is there anything more beautiful than sweater weather? In just a few weeks Fall will make its grand entrance. By then our closets will have already been swept and re-stocked with pieces that are more appropriate for the time of year. And so, it is now that we have to prep and plan what we’ll splurge on.


But before you cash out, learn what the trends, colors, and most iconic fabrics are from some of the most prestigious designers in the industry.


Base your shopping spree on the following tips.


Gold & White

It doesn’t matter if you’re wearing a dress, or candidly walking out to lunch, the combination of white and gold is undoubtedly one of the most gorgeous fusions human hands have ever tailored.

(c) Marchesa/ Vogue


Colorful Ponchos

Although I am not a fan of colorful clothes, I might welcome darker outfits into my candid style. Take look at the poncho itself—when paired with over the knee boots, or simple leather pants and pumps, this promising combination is set to make a statement.

 (c) Balmain/ Vogue


Focus on the waist

Unlike previous seasons, you’re not restricted to choosing a big or small belt. Instead, all sizes are welcomed! Now you can accentuate your silhouette in as many creative ways as you'd imagine!

 (c) Giamba/ Vogue


Faux fur is back!

In my list of clothes I love most, a jumpsuit is at the very top. Why? When you pair a solid jumpsuit with colorful faux fur, or almost any accessory, the end result is not only glamorous but very chic too.


Important: Always buy faux fur- wearing real fur is cruel and unfashionable, not cool!

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Classic never gets old

No matter what the weather has in store, white is an iconic color that’ll transcend time. This Fall, the color leads the list of options to consider. Don't believe me? Take a look at this gorgeous look, which I'm sure you'll want to recreate. 

 (c) Escada/ Vogue


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