Powerful Beauty Products I'm Willing To Try

September 12, 2017

Although most of us may not admit that we hoard makeup and hair products, there always seems to be room for more...and more! And how can there not? With the end of the year approaching, as well as a new season, sales of every kind will influence a “little” splurge on at least one item.


Whether it may be creams, powders, or even a new mascara, these items may not be what you truly need. The best way to know is to look and analyze what you have in inventory, and from there make the purchase.


In my case, I like to do my homework before setting foot in Sephora. This saves time, as well as money. And so, take a look at the products I’ll soon be purchasing.


Ouai Dry Shampoo

(c) The Ouai

Oily roots come naturally to most of us, but with a good grease-cutting spray you may be able to give your hair texture and life. Amongst the reviews I’ve read for this product I learned that it not only removes impurities, but also helps bring back volume. 


Kevyn Aucoin’s Brow Gel Pencil

(c) Kevyn Aucoin

In their natural state my brows are in good shape. The only down side? I don’t like their shape. To fix the problem I use Buck, a beautiful brown shadow from the Urban Decay Naked Pelette. Sadly I’m about to hit rock bottom, but thankfully I've discovered Kevin's eyebrow pencil.


The tool, which also includes a built-in wax will not only help reshape my brows, but also keep them in place. I'd had to test its longevity before telling you if it defeats the signs of time. 


Mac Brushes

(c) M·A·C

Makeup doesn't have to be complicated. A lot of the science behind it are good tools, the ones that'll make the job a lot easier.


After years of trying bargain brushes, I've learned that nothing beats M·A·C's. Each perfectly crafted brush sets, defines, blends, and picks up product flawlessly. In my opinion, M·A·C is amongst the best makeup brands in the world. 


Next time you're at the counter, take a moment to feel the bristles, and through gentle swipes and swirls test the product on your hand, never on your face. 


What’s you favorite makeup product and why? Have you ever tried any of the products above? Share the details with me, but first take a look at how I transform and maintain healthy hair.





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