Age-defying Potions Inspired by Nicole Kidman

September 24, 2017


(c) Elle - Alexi Lubomirski


She is known as one of the most poised and recognized Hollywood actresses around the world. Nicole Kidman, who recently celebrated her 50th birthday, has conserved herself in the most beautiful way. Whether her age defying strategy is a result of good genetics, or practical magic, we can’t help but to wonder how she’s been able to prolong youthful skin for half a century.


To decode Nicole's method, I’ve gathered my favorite anti- aging beauty potions to share with you. The creams that’ll work hard on your skin, unveiling a radiant canvas.


1. Olay's Regenerist

(c) Olay - Shop: $26.99


Two of the most important beauty tips are: being consistent with the products you use, and knowing that age is just a number. As for the secret to healthy skin, it all starts with protecting it. In my case, I can’t go to bed without soaking my face in an age-defying cream. The one I'm currently using is from Olay. The product itself firms and illuminates—leaving behind an improvement in texture and hydration. 


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2. Vitamin C based creams

(c) Bloomingdales - Shop: $100.00


We are a huge chunk of what we eat. As if it weren't enough, sometimes our intake could fall short of the proper nutrients. As a recovery method, aim for Vitamin C based creams. They are loaded with skin-brightening ingredients and antioxidants. Not only are these potions an excellent spot treatment, but they'll also bring back radiance. Because who doesn't love to glow?


3. A good eye serum


(c) Clinique - Macy's  - Shop: $49.50


As you may know, the skin around our eyes is thin and fragile. Not all serums are subtle, nor powerful enough to treat this area. Luckily there is a way of preventing crows feet, especially as you sleep. 


It all starts with a good eye mask or serum. The one I am currently using is Clinique's Repairwear Laser Focus. But don't let the name fool you- the product itself is not a laser, nor does it come with one. As it turns out, Clinique's serum has a gentle consistency that'll glide on your skin like an ice cube, while gradually improving texture. 


I hope these tips work for you as well.


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