Long-lasting Trick To Make Your Body Glow

October 7, 2017

We've seen hundreds of makeup tutorials on how to slim and add dimension to our face, but now there's a new trend that'll leave you glowing from head to toe. Yes, highlighting your body is the new way to sculpt and bring more life onto your skin.


Here's what you need to know.


Step 1: Coat your body with an enriched moisturizer, preferably one that's designed to hydrate without leaving your skin sticky. 


Step 2: Choose the right highlighter, and remember that not all pigments look great on all skin tones. For instance, women who are pale should aim towards products with white undertones. Olive complexions—or darker—will look amazing with golden highlighters.


Step 3: For a seamless blend, dust the product (with a fluffy brush) throughout the front of your leg and thigh. The same with your arms and shoulders, concentrate the highlight on areas where sunlight would normally hit. 


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Here's a get ready with me video that you'll love!



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