3 Makeup Products You NEED This Fall

October 17, 2017


A makeup drawer is an art assemblage. It's the place where a makeup lover keeps all of her most beloved jewels. In fact, for someone who admits to hoarding beauty products, knowing that I can rely on specific everyday essentials is key. That's why I'm always on a quest to discovering and trying new finds, especially if their at a reasonable price. 


And so, while welcoming a new season, I indulged myself in a brand that I love, Ardell. Ahead are the products you can't live without this Fall!



1. Top + Bottom Precision Mascara


Price: $14.99 (c) Sally Beauty, Ardell


With myriads of products promising length and volume, it's difficult to find one that'll get the job done. For a miraculous rescue, there's a wand that'll do the trick on both your top and bottom lashes, while perfectly coating each hair. 


For those hard to reach corners—that are so difficult to separate—now there's an easy way to sculpt. Curious to know about a fuller look?


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2. Lash Boostier Liquid Eyeliner

Price: $13.99 (c) Sally Beauty, Ardell


In the makeup world, there's nothing sexier than a cat-eye accompanied by red lips. To recreate such an everlasting trend, a good eyeliner comes in handy. Glide the pencil evenly as close to the lash root as possible. Don't worry about an extended wing, sometimes a smaller ending is more appealing. 


With this product you'll achieve longevity and pigmentation. Although it'll take several strokes before seeing the darkest shade—which could be prolonged with:


3. Ardell's Splash Party Waterproof Mascara


Price: $12.99 (c) Sally Beauty, Ardell


I wasn't a huge fan of waterproof mascara—until the passing of endless hours made itself noticeable in the shape of small black patches underneath my eyes. Not only can I not indulge in the luxury of time, but if I could get an extra hand that'll prolong my makeup, and help it stay in place, I certainly would. 


Just recently I started using Ardell's Waterproof Mascara. The wand itself is what grabbed my attention. It's curved, which is perfect as it reaches the lash root. This is part of what creates the illusion of longer lashes. 


But if you're concerned about the removal process (just as I was!), here's a tip:


Soak a cotton ball in extra virgin olive oil and gently glide it all throughout your eyes (while they're closed). Not only will the mascara melt away, but this trick could be used to remove other makeup too. Or take a look at how you should take care of your skin at night


All products mentioned here are linked with their prices. I hope that you love them just as much as I did!





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