Exuding Fragrances To Enchant During the Holidays

November 4, 2017

The holidays have arrived, and soon it’ll be Black Friday. With hundreds of products on the shelves, stumbling upon one that’s exuding and enchanting may not be as easy. Fortunately, I’ve tried and explored many fragrances throughout the last couple of weeks.


Take a look at the 3 perfumes I loved most.


McQueen Parfum


 (c) Alexander McQueen - Price: $395


Buying a perfume for a someone is tricky. But purchasing one for yourself is personal. Trust your instincts and choose one that you feel identified with.


The experts at Alexander McQueen crafted an embellished black bottle with golden feathers—in it is a delicious sweet and seductive scent that's perfect for an everyday use.


Ralph Lauren’s Woman

 (c) Ralph Lauren, Macy's - Price: $84


Woodsy and floral perfumes are one of the closest ways to exude youth and confidence. For me, a good fragrance has to be airy, pure and transparent―and that’s exactly what Ralph Lauren formulated.


The bottle―which has been beautifully packaged―contains one of the most delicious and long lasting scents you'll ever smell. Whether it be for a gift, or for yourself, this one is a keeper. 


Chanel #5


(c) Chanel - Price $130


For those who dream of Paris, there’s a classic and captivating perfume that’s been around for decades. Chanel, one of the most emblematic brands in the world, created a fragrance that'll make heads turn. 


This perfume works best with a good cream as a base. This trick helps tremendously with longevity, because who doesn't love smelling fresh throughout the day?!



What are you favorite scents? Have you ever tried any of the perfumes I use?








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