These Are The Best Candles To Burn During the Holidays

November 14, 2017

Have you ever smelled a scent so powerful that it brings back a million memories? It's that distinct aroma that lets you relive unforgettable moments, while cherishing new ones. This is exactly what I've experienced with Commodity Fragrance's new holiday collection, sold at Sephora.


Just recently, the opulent brand sent me deluxe candles and lush perfumes which I've loved. Every single person who's walked into my home has given me compliments regarding the delicious scents that each of these products exude.


I am very excited about this review because I know that if you make the purchase you'll be as obsessed as I am, and forever hooked!


This is what you need to know!



Price: $55, Sephora


Oolong is a premium-soy blend candle carefully crafted with distinct notes of honey, Egyptian basil and tobacco. As the candle burns, each of the three layers has specific ingredients that melt into the perfect perfume-like scent.


The first layer contains: cassis fruit, honey, mandarin and Egyptian basil. Once evaporated, the middle part emits scents of oolong tea, damascus rose and tonka. As a final fragrance you’ll sense: Indian sandalwood, white patchouli, tobacco and cashmere musk.


This candle in specific can transform any living room—a great way of creating a pleasant ambience that'll bring together friends and family during the most magical time of the year!



Price: $55, Commodity


Developed with floral woody features and notes of smoky whiskey, as well as tobacco meet dry cocoa, caramel and coffee, the exotic and sensual scent is able to light up a room with just one spark.


This, in part, is achieved through mixes of oils on the first layer (almond, Indian and cardamom). The second portion has lotus and magnolia oil for a wam burn. The base is composed of sublime, tonka absolute, Venezuelan roast, Peru balsam, absolute, Australian, sandalwood oil, laos benzoin and resinoid.


Tonka is strong enough to eradicate food-like smells while you cook—it keeps my home smelling amazing!




Price: $55, Sephora


Commodity is known internationally as a recognized brand that crafts each of their scents to perfection. Orris, a hand poured candle with blends of pink pepper, coriander and carrot seeds, is warm and fresh.


The candle itself is subtle enough to relax you. Whether you want to burn it as you take a warm bath, or as you disconnect from the world, I'm sure you'll also notice a decrease in stress.


If you're interested in the same set that I posted on Instagram, you can get it for $38.




Price: $55, Sephora 


For those who love literature is Book, a woodsy fragrance—for both men and women—inspired in emblematic novels by Fitzgerald and Hemingway. The candle has the perfect combination of cucumber, guaïc wood, and sandalwood.


If you're in college and have to stay up doing homework, I'd highly recommend this product. Back when I was I in school, I'd always create a calm study space to help me tackle my to-do list. 


Make sure to check out Commodity's website, and follow them on Instagram. Next time you're at Sephora, don't forget to smell these incredible fragranced goods for yourself!


Now you've got the perfect Black Friday gift, whether for someone special, or for yourself!








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