One Fragrance for the Most Important Woman

November 29, 2017

Ahhhh... the Holidays have arrived, sweater weather is here, and soon enough so will the unwrapping of gifts take place. But just before the break of dawn welcomes the most magical day of the year, all presents will be beautifully displayed underneath the tree.


This Christmas, charm the most important woman in your life with a refreshing fragrance like Romance, a limited edition Holiday perfume by the iconic, Ralph Lauren.


The mastered fusion of scents is composed of high notes ranging from ginger, to lemon and rose, as well as chamomile and yellow freesia, just to name a few!


What to expect: Longevity & Price


I found this scent to be soft, yet powerful enough to last throughout the day. As with any perfume, I coated my skin with a potent moisturizer (I have dry skin!). The best way to describe the aroma that you'll sense is with the word "flowery." 


Quite honestly, this fragrance stuck to my skin longer than many other products, which I really liked. Not all perfumes entwine the same with my skin, and this one did a really nice job. At only $94 you're getting a good deal, considering that the bottle itself is quite big.


Now that this perfume is part of my collection, I hope it'll become part of yours too—I'm sure you'll love it for yourself, or as  a gift!


What are your plans these December?



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