This Unisex Fragrance Kit is All You Need For the Holidays

December 9, 2017

As the month of December welcomed family gatherings, festive decorations, and of course, a Secret Santa, there’s a lot to tackle on your bucket list. This year, take an ease and plan ahead of time. Save yourself the tussle and shop smart.


Commodity Fragrances has the perfect present for you. A complete Style Guide Fragrance Discovery Kit, featuring 9 signature fragrances.


At only $24 in Sephora, you can take your senses to another dimension. The best part?! They're unisex!


After trying out each of the fragrances, this is what I found:


Bergamot is a citrus perfume—perfect for an everyday casual wear as it’s quite fresh. One of the most notorious notes is stark. The small packaging itself is convenient and it'll fit right into your clutch.  


Book was created through a literary inspiration based on Hemingway and Fitzgerald. The fragrance is characterized by its woody aroma. Claims are that it's loved by men and women. I personally think that it smells heavenly, and could be used by either a male or female.  


Gold, just like the name suggests, is lush and elegant. What I love most about this product is its longevity. I was able to smell the fragrance as it exuded from my skin throughout the day. This doesn't happen with every perfume I've worn in the past. 


Wool is a soft yet sweet enough to captivate either a man or a woman. The fragrance is enriched with Haitian vetiver and Bourbon vanilla. So whether you’re under the mistletoe, or not, spark someone’s attention just by the way you smell.


Orris is both warm and fresh. Ideally, the best fragrance to apply after a hot shower. With blends of carrot seeds, coriander, and pink pepper, Orris is both fresh and sensual.


Rain has a flowery scent so powerful that it’ll take you to a relaxing rainy day. The mixture that made it happen consists, in part, of verbena, lotus and jasmine. Keep rain in your purse if you’re feeling under the weather, it’s quite soothing and relaxing.


Mimosa is for those who love citrus fragrances. Created with sweet mandarin’s and champagne, this perfume is great for an everyday wear. The best time to apply this product is during the morning as it’ll last all throughout the day.


Moss will take your olfactory senses back to Spring. For those who love the warm temperatures there’s a crisp, cool, and musky scent hidden behind each spritz. I found that this fragrance relaxed me. I applied it during the afternoon and it kept me smelling fresh and amazingly good.


Vetiver is a woody scent married with florals. But don’t let this fool you, the scent is gender neutral and smells amazing on both men and women.


If you’re unsure as to what to get your Secret Santa, or significant other, now you have an affordable and gender-neutral option that promises to last!




Make sure to follow Commodity Fragrances on Instagram, as well as to visit their website. For purchases check them out at Sephora, and if you happen to pass by, don't hesitate to try them. You'll be as hooked as I am!



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