3 Tips Every Girl Who's Invited to a Wedding Should Follow

January 28, 2018

Soon after being invited to a wedding is when thoughts of "what am I going to wear?," "how would I do my makeup?" begin to swirl through your mind. As a friend to the future bride you want to dress, and style your hair, and makeup, for the occasion to its finest. 


That's why I've gathered my favorite looks, as well as an easy step by step beauty list so that you look impeccable


Loosen up your hair

Soft waves with a bit of teasing in the crown area will pair perfectly with any outfit. The style is quick and has a very elegant and youthful result. 

Don't wear white! Focus on Neutrals

Unless otherwise requested, never wear white to nuptials. Instead focus on neutral pastel-like shades, the same for shoes. 


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Keep your makeup simple, but still noticeable

Peachy-glowy looks can make the majority of all skin shades stand out. For this occasion, aim for a soft look. But if you love a bit of more drama, focus all intensity on the eyes. To achieve it, I recommend using Urban Decay's Naked-Flushed palette. With three shades to choose from you could highlight, contour, and apply blush—and even use the colors as eye shadows. 


The formula behind Flushed is quite pigmented, but not too overpowering. Not only is this versatile kit a must-have, it's also an every day staple if you incorporate it into your beauty routine. Interested?


Buy it here: $34, Urban Decay 

And now that you've got a clearer view of how to dress and do your makeup for a wedding, make sure to tag me on the looks that you create.


As always!





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