3 Products to Recycle This Spring

February 25, 2018

Farewell chili days and hello blooming and colorful weeks! As we know, spring is right around the corner and a new season entails new trends, colors and styles. But don’t get too overwhelmed with purchasing new beauty materials—a lot of what you have in your vanity can still be of good use.


Below I’m going to share with you my top picks that could easily be incorporated into your upcoming routine.


Don’t Skip This Step, Brighten Up Your Look

One of the most brilliant ideas brought to life was the creation of face highlighters. Think about it: as temperatures rise and you’re out on the sun, it’s nice to have a natural and healthy glow on your skin.


Every morning while layering product onto my face, I can’t skip beaming strokes of Jaclyn Hill’s Champagne Pop, a beautiful collaboration with BECCA.


The product, as you'll see, is highly pigmented and very long lasting. This is a must have, you won't regret it! 


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A Tweak to An Undereye Tool With Soothing Ingredients


The drugstore beauty aisle is packed with powerful bargains that you may not know about. Garnier, the brand that is known for its soothing and enriched hair products, also caters to women whom are looking for healthier and more awaken skin.


With its revolutionary Anti-Puff Eye Roller, you could aid your eyes in the morning by bringing down any swollen areas. I, on the other hand, use this product at night. What I do is that I roll the applicator throughout my crease and undereyes while a soothing, cool formula containing Vitamin C and antioxidants is released.


Don’t Settle for Less, Aim for More Altitudes

Mascara’s don’t have to be expensive. In fact, you could find a really good affordable tube that’ll achieve good results. In my case I came across L’Oreal’s Voluminousa mascara that changed my perspective on drugstore eyelash formulas.


With this product I’ve achieved lengthy, voluminous, and highly pigmented finish.


And so, these are the products that I’ll be repurchasing in the upcoming months. What are yours?


As always…




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