The One Palette That'll Decode Multiple Looks for Less

April 5, 2018

At some point, we've all scouted our favorite makeup line's website glimpsing through the new launches. I'm certain that by the time you were finished, your wish list had endless possibilities for which you had to narrow down your must-haves. Don't worry, we've all been there. But luckily, if Urban Decay happens to be on your radar next time you're ready to drop cash, then this is one product that you should get.... 


Urban Decay's Naked, Petite Heat Palette

(c) Urban Decay 

If you've watched my makeup tutorials, then you'd know that the Naked palette by Urban Decay is my go-to for any look. I've touched base on several of the shades, but now one of the brand's latest releases promises to live the same outcome. 


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What you'll GET


The compact packaging comes with 6 beautifully formulated shades, one being shimmery and the others matte. All colors are on the warm side, and are highly pigmented. Due to the intensity behind the hues, I do recommend, however, that you use a blending brush as you apply. 


How I'd DESCRIBE each color


  1. Inhale - A gorgeous shimmery, pinkish neutral that'll look beautiful on the brow bone. 

  2. Vibrate - A light brown that's the perfect base to start working with—whether with this palette or not.

  3. Hot Spell - Don't cast wishes just yet, this shade has to be only yours. It's an in-between brown that's subtle enough to be worn on its own, while still standing out. 

  4. Wild Thing - A lot of orange-inspired colors transitioned from Winter onto Spring, and if you're crazy in love with these vibrant shades, then look no further. Wild Thing is a flat matte that looks beautiful with a winged liner. 

  5. Heist - Just the right amount of brown with a hint of red. A strong, yet gorgeous shade for a night out—it's too intense to be used during the day.

  6. Strike - If you're fond to smokey eyes, I know you'll be obsessed with the plum formula behind this shade. Just as Wild Thing, it should be used during the night. Unless you're using it as a liner. 



This palette is quite affordable, you can find it at Sephora for $29. I don't recommend it using it after you apply foundation as there is fall out. Its longevity is nice, but is nothing a good primer can't extend. If you're someone who carries shadows in your makeup bag, then this'll be a staple for sure! 



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