The Best Highlighters To Shine Bright Under the Sun

April 12, 2018

Oh winter! You're far gone, and as we peel away thick layers of moisturizers to prevent your awful cold effect on our skin, we realize the effect that it left behind. But don't worry, this isn't something a good strobe can't fix. If you're in the mood to shine as bright as a diamond during spring, I have three products that'll turn heads.


SIN Again

Price: $28, Sephora - (C) Urban Decay

Urban Decay released a beautiful tube composed of fine shimmery pigments that call for a gorgeous glow. The product by itself is noticeable, but when properly layered and fused with other highlighters, the radiance is too much to bare. 


The formula has a tone very similar to that of Champagne Pop's Shimmering Skin Perfector. It's dewy and very easy to blend, and will most likely become a staple in your everyday routine.


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As Intense As Your AURA

Price: $32, Sephora - (C) Urban Decay

Since the very first time I used this product I was hooked. It looks beautiful when mixed with a matte foundation. It could be used as a base to strobe, and it could also be used on top of your lid primer as a base for shimmery shadows. 


The product itself comes in a small glass jar that'll shatter into pieces if it falls (trust me, it happened!). The consistency is creamy but easily blends in. If you're looking for a product that's versatile, easy to use, pigmented, with the ability to blend in perfectly, than this is your must-have of the week!


What a PEARL!

Price: $41, Sephora - (C) Nordstrom 

BECCA never let's us down. This is by far my favorite makeup brand. It mostly curates products that'll bring more radiance unto your skin—and Pearl, the color inside the tube labeled "Shimmering Skin Perfector" is no exception. This product is long lasting, in fact, I use it to strobe or combined with my foundation. 


If you're complexion is a bit darker than mine, I do recommend choosing another color from this collection. Overall, this'll be a good investment, especially if you have dry skin. I'm positive that you'll love the dewy, hydrating feeling. 


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And so, what are your favorite product at the moment? 


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