3 Styles You Have to Wear This Summer

April 24, 2018

Summer nights could be seen in the horizon, and along with the most expected season in the calendar, are blissful moments by the water, endless laughter, and tan lines that are too much bare. For some, summer fashion entails a twist of chic and sexy, but for others it is a bit more relaxed and captivating. 


Along with the latest trends that you can expect are my top picks; inspiration to dress to impress.


Pastels & Subtle Patters

Intensively colored fabrics are a page that's been turned. New tendencies are all about subtle shades against neutral fabrics.

(C) Marciano - Shop: $178


Shopping for dressy pieces that are also casual is anything but easy, I know. Take a peek at the following look, the color is beautiful (and promises to embrace all complexions!). 

Designer: Bottega Veneta

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BCBG is a store that I adore. The reason? When I walk in I know I'm going to find something that I love and that goes with my personal style. Nevertheless, here's a look I'm contemplating, and that I'm sure you'll love too!

(C) BCBG - Shop: $198



What are your plans this summer? Take a look at one of my makeup tutorials, OR do you want to learn HOW TO DRESS LIKE A QUEEN?




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