3 Gift Ideas Inspired in Mom

April 29, 2018

Mother's day is soon to arrive, and if you've recently combed the internet trying to find the perfect gift without any luck, then look no further. Commodity Fragrances—the lush brand that innovated fresh and delightful scents—has new releases that mom will love.


The brand is available at Sephora, both online as well as in stores. 


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Shop: Sephora, $55

Black candles seem to have poised the way we look and sense fragrances, and Currant tops the list. Embodied with effervescent citrus, blackcurrant absolute, and a touch of crisp firm balsam, mom's house will transform itself through a divine aroma that's long lasting and highly noticeable. 


This candle could be burnt while cooking or even after dinner as it gets rid of odors left behind.  The wax itself will last for up to 60 hours. The scent within Currant can be best described as citrus-like. Even when placed in one room, the aroma could be smelled throughout various rooms within the house. 



Shop: Sephora, $105

Fragrances will easily waft in and out, but only the ones that truly captivate us will find a place of its own. Velvet, an invigorating perfume, was composed with roasted almonds, rose petals and black amber. The scent itself is sweet and very subtle. It's also a youthful but mature enough for mom. 


Whether for the day time or evening, this fragrance is a must. And if mom is someone who is always on the go, then she'll adore its longevity. 


Something to keep in mind is that upon application you'll sense that the area is oily, but don't worry, your skin will quickly absorb the moisture. 



Shop: Sephora, $105

If the word "flowers" came to mind, then you're right. Nectar can be described as a very "flowerly" scnet. It's composed of Juicy Pomelo, Neroli and Orange Blossom. I do recommend for this fragrance to be applied during the day as it's refreshing and long lasting. 


What I believe mom will love most is how she'll continually be able to smell the soothing aroma throughout the day. Our nose quickly becomes accustomed to perfumes, but not with this one. 


I'm sure these Mother's Day gift ideas will make the loved lady in your life smile. For more updates on Commodity Fragrances, make sure to follow them on Instagram, and use the hashtag #StyleYourCommodity





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