5 Celebrities Who've Recently Launched Makeup Collections

May 2, 2018


More than ever before, the beauty world is being recognized as far more than an industry, but rather as a medium to help women embrace who they truly are. Along with the Kardashian-Jenner sisters, there have been other celebrities who've also stepped into the glam-business world. 


If you're wondering who these popularity queens are, then keep reading, and learn where to purchase their products. 


Jennifer Lopez

(C) Inglot

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Jenny from the block is recognized as one of the most iconic entertainers of all time, and as a prominent brand. Lopez, who seems to be conquering the world one show at a time, has now collaborated with the makeup brand Inglot


The line is highly customizeable and includes products for every choice, including an illuminator. Because who doesn't love the JLo glow?


Vanessa Hudgens

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The High School Musical star might've disappeared from the public eye, but Hudgens is back! This time, she's a collaborator with SinfulColors. In case you don't remember, SinfulColors is notorious for its beautifully pigmented nail polishes that are quite affordable (I swore by these in my college days!). But can we expect for the same intensity to be translated into her cosmetics?


The image above shows beautiful hues, and since everything the prominent actress touches turns into stone, I'm sure we'll completely be in love!


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Ever since Riri teased the social world with her body highlighters, everyone wanted to know where these could be purchased. The collaboration happened with Fenty Beauty—and yes, we were all wondering where have these been all our lives!?


Body Lava, which is the name behind the glow which has two universal shades. The line also includes a fairy bomb, which adds more minute glitter pigments unto your skin, as well as a small brush to evenly distribute the lava. If this isn't love, I don't know where else we'll find it!



Makeup by Mario

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Kim K's makeup artist, Mario, has kept up with the Kardashians for over a decade. On the tenth anniversary of meeting and working with Kimberly herself, the duo released a small collab' that's circumnavigated the world. 


Perhaps this is the first step towards an independent line on behalf of Mario. His looks have inspired so many people! And the fact that the collection is always sold out should be the first motivational indicator. 


If you're a beauty guru, what are your favorite lines? I have been gravitating a lot towards a brand that entwines with what I'm loving at the moment: skin care. But that's another post! For now, make sure to follow me on Instagram and Facebook!


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