3 Powerful Products That Have Balanced My Skin

May 22, 2018

Our beauty regimens might be tweaked from month to month, but our fondness for healthier skin remains. In the last couple of weeks I've changed my morning and evening ritual for good. I am, in a way, trying to discover products that'll leave my skin silky and smooth. Because after micellar water and Neutrogena's wipes do their work, the last thing we want to feel is rough skin (yikes!). 


Below are realistic, powerful and gentle products that could make a difference.


The SPF that won't make you peel or shine


Shop: Ulta, $24.99

Inside a heavy, golden jar hides a formula like no other. L'Oréal Paris has composed one of its finest face creams. The name? Age Perfect, cell renewal! And yes, it also includes SPF 15.


As you may know I have dry, acne prone skin, and not everything does justice. This subtle cream goes on smooth, dries quickly and blends perfectly with my foundation—a must have! As a daily moisturizer you've found your new best friend! 


Hot Springs meet a hydrating gel

Shop: Sephora, $28

Prepping yourself for makeup is perhaps one of the most important steps. Just recently I incorporated Urban Decay's hydrating gel into my routine. I apply this product after SPF, and wait 1 to 2 minutes until it dries. The gel itself is absorbed by your skin, which is a plus. Because we all hate streaky foundations!


On a bright note, I haven't had any breakouts, and love the way my face feels after an even coat. 



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Minimize pores little by little

Shop: Urban Decay, $32

Big pores? Noooo! I'm not a fan either, but just as any other person, I have areas where my pores are a bit larger, like my T-zone. Throughout the years I've used as many products imaginable to minimize these, and I've learned that our genetics play a role. 


Even though you can't vanish pores, you could diminish their appearance. At night, right before bed, I glide Urban Decay's Rehab Makeup Prep, a pore refining peel that'll cause a subtle diminishment. Results are gradual, you won't see them in the first application, but with continual use a difference should be noticeable.


What is your beauty regimen like? Share your thoughts with me, or send me an e-mail with any questions.


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