Healthy Skin Through Ancient Strategies in Modern Beauty

May 24, 2018

For a few months I've been completely obsessed with healthy skin care. I've scouted brands, seen interviews, and even read a few articles myself. Behind my quest is not just unveiling if there is such a tale as "the fountain of youth," but rather real results based on a good regimen.


For me, beautiful skin entails no makeup whatsoever. Don't you agree? Can you imagine not having to wear concealer or foundation? Yes, it's possible, but it takes strategy and the accurate formulation. 


These are the products I'm willing to try soon, I'm sure you'll be hooked too!



Victoria Tsai, is the master mind behind Tatcha. Just recently I came across a Sephora story that led me to a deep investigation about her, where I learned more about the empowering woman who's used ancient secrets to build an empire that's revolutionizing skin care.


In one of her trips, Victoria came across Geisha's, and after seeing one of them without any makeup, Victoria noticed that it was her skin that made the product look so flawless. From this idea, came the cleansing oil, and a polishing enzyme powder from Tatcha. Unlike other products, these formulas purify, as opposed to stripping or cleansing your skin.


The oil is subtle but still powerful enough to melt the strongest waterproof liner. The powder is used to wash your face; it turns into a cream upon application. I'm very intrigued about this line and wanted to share it wit you. I'm willing to try it, and if you have or plan to, give me a heads up. Until then I'll share my promise to include you on the scoop with a full review. 


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