Affordable: How I Polish, Hydrate & Give My Skin A Sheen

May 25, 2018

Whether you bathe or shower, daily hygiene is a time to relax and disconnect. Our skin, which is often exposed to the sun, and at times chemicals, could show signs of damage. Thus, it's just as important to treat our entire body with love and care as we do with our face. 


Every night before bed I take a relaxing shower where I exfoliate. I then hydrate my skin before and after getting out of the tub. This ritual is simple and consists of only three steps with very affordable and accessible products.



Step 1: Dove's Body Polish

Shop: $5.89


Dead skin cells are real, and the results could often be seen or felt. To prevent patchy skin, I like to apply Dove's Body Polish throughout my body with my bare hands. I then massage and wash off any residue. Doing so will leave you with a squeaky-clean feeling!


Step 2: Dove's Body Wash

Shop: $5.89


One of the reasons why I love Dove is because it hydrates. As a personal preference, body washes are my go-to. Not only do these glide easier, but also feel as if you're applying moisturizer while in the shower. This specific product won't make your skin glow, but it'll prevent the harsh sensation that other soaps leave behind, and it'll bring back moisture after removing all dead skin cells.  


Step 3: Moisturize away!

Shop: $15.34 


Olay is a brand that's been around for many, many years. The brand is notorious around the world for its amazing products, and their shimmering body lotion is no exception. When I came across this product I was intrigued. Although the packaging states that there is "glitter" within the formula, I wanted to test out longevity, the existence of an after-glow, and hydration. 


The cream itself applies beautifully throughout your skin. In order for the shimmers to stick to your skin for a long period of time you have to use this product gradually. This product does not give a glow, but rather leaves a healthy, subtle sheen. 


What are your favorite shower related products at the moment? 


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