Let Me Style You With Only Three Looks

June 4, 2018

Online shopping is at its climax. Almost anything imaginable is one click away. The days in which we strolled through endless aisles is not as frequent. Without going off the rails, I'm going to style you with three pieces that you'll soon want to keep!


Cute & Versatile 

Price: $29.99, H&M

Summer is peeking through the clouds and casual dresses with ruffles are promising to be the hottest trend. If you've glanced at the latest magazine releases and runway shows, then you might've noticed that super tight clothes are not as trendy. But then, of course, it all has to do with your personal style and with what you feel comfortable. 


The dress I chose from H&M is not quite loose, but not tight either. It could be accessorized with a belt or worn on its own. 

Can't Go Wrong With a Romper

Price: $49.00, Zara

Rompers are my latest obsession. The short cuts are perfect for summer, and the style behind these beautifully tailored pieces are what truly stand out. For the most part, this look could be worn casually. The color is very pretty, giving it a more elegant touch. 


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A Touch of Lavender

Price: $100, Top Shop

Subtle hues look stunning on any complexion. This lavender shade is a promising color for what's to come until the end of the year. The way the fabrics are folded and wrapped make this a more formal attire, but not too serious. It's still youthful and if paired with the right sandals could be worn to a dinner.

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