3 Steps To Achieve Meghan Markle's Signature Makeup Look

June 6, 2018

Before becoming a Royal Princess, Meghan Markle, was a recognized actress with a role in the series Suits. Whether she was photographed on a red carpet, or candidly with her now husband, the Duchess of Sussex has always maintained a very subtle but defined makeup look. 


Ahead I'm going to share with you 3 easy steps that'll help you achieve, Meghan's, signature look. 


Step 1: A subtle foundation


Meghan let's her freckles peek through her foundation. In fact, even on her wedding day, she was seen with makeup that looked very soft. What I recommend for this look is Dior's Forever Foundation. The formula is medium coverage, but with a light application you can get away with a beautiful look.


If you do decide to cover up a bit more, the formula is buildable, and what's even better, it doesn't look cakey. 


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Step 2: An intense eyeliner


Meghan's eyeliner is not winged. In fact, she slightly ends the line right before reaching the outer corner of her lid. But don't think this is complicated. Lining your eyes is easy, it just takes practice and patience. Eventually you'll discover what wings looks best on you. 


The best product, and the one I'm currently using as an eyeliner, is Benefit's They're Real, Push up Eyeliner. As opposed to other liners, this one will give you more control because of how its built (but that's another review!).


Step 3: Mascara and Falsies


Meghan's signature eye look wouldn't be complete without a good coat of mascara and falsies. The mascara I recommend is L'Oréal's Voluminous. This pink tube won't let you down!


Following you'd want to trim a pair of falsies and then applying them. The best ones are Ardell's Wispies. 


The lips are kept neutral with chapstick.


And voila! 


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