This Designer Is All The Fashion Inspiration You Need

June 11, 2018


Zuhair Murad has graced many red carpets with impeccable looks seen on stars like Jennifer Lopez. His elegant and intricately embroidered designs could transform any outfit unforgettable into an eye-catching piece, capable of dazzling those who stare.


And so, I’ve gathered the most charming and beautifully tailored dresses and jumpsuits that if you have a chance to splurge on, you definitely should. If not, they’ll serve as inspiration for your next shopping venture.


Don't Underestimate a Jumpsuit

While it’s admittedly easy to think that lace is one of the most beautiful fabrics imaginable, once paired with solid black pants, the combination becomes a classic and very elegant jumpsuit that’s very easy to recreate.  

© Zuhair Murad 


Pay Attention to the Shades You Choose

If your summer calendar is marked with a wedding, anniversary, or an event that requires a fashionable dress code, recreating one of these 2 looks will make you radiate.

© Zuhair Murad


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Make Neutral Stand Out

Cream colored fabrics are the new black in fashion. Perhaps it’s because the neutral shades look impeccable on most skin tones. This piece in specific, is an elaborated yet simple attire that’s both chic and polished―most certainly a statement to be made.

© Zuhair Murad


Bring it Back!

If there’s an iconic fashion trend from the 80s, shoulder pads lead the list. The retro pointy and elaborated shoulders are among the hottest styles. Just take a look.


© Zuhair Murad


An Inspiring Makeup Video to Watch



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