Trending: The Hottest Styles to Cut Your Bangs

June 13, 2018


Wispy bangs can add a cool touch to almost any hair style. The layered trim is gradually becoming one of the most requested cuts at hair salons. And whether you're brave enough for the commitment, or choose to use clip-on's, these looks are all the inspiration you need.


Imperfectly Layered

If you're considering a makeover take this look into consideration. It looks beautiful even with a pony tail. As you see, the cut cascades

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Straight but Feathery

Depending on the look you're going for, the cut seen on Gigi Hadid is easy to maintain. All you have to use is a flat iron to tame down your bangs. As a plus, a good hair spray can help with longevity, and if formulated correctly with frizz too. 

Either Way

When properly styled, bangs could be worn straight or to the side. If you'd like to try the best of both worlds, ask your hair stylist for this cut. 

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