3 Beauty Secrets I Will Teach My Daughter

July 2, 2018

Healthy skin is beautiful skin. I've always been keen to a good regimen, both in the morning and at night. But as much product as you can apply onto your face, doesn't mean that you'll get good results. There are secrets in the beauty world that most people don't talk about, and I'm going to share three of them with you. 


1. Pay Close Attention to How You Test Out A Cream

The price on a product "could" determine its quality. But truth be told, not all moisturizers will have the same effect on your skin. In fact, you can spend hundreds of dollars on a single product, and there might be a chance that it won't work as you thought.


My trick? In the store I apply the product on the top of my hand, and gently glide it so that my skin absorbs it. At first, my skin will have an amazing sheen. But as the minutes go by, that's when I notice its true effect. This is what I look for:


1. A glow (if that's what I'm going for)

2. Skin that feels soft to the touch

3. Longevity


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2. Wash Your Face Twice a Day

Over washing your face could streak away your skin's natural oils, which is not good. Every morning, and right before bed, I wash my face. In the morning I use Dove's soap, and at night a good scrub that'll remove all impurities.


Incorporating this tip in your routine will make a huuuge difference. Just by the way your face will look and feel before and after foundation is what will keep you hooked, I promise!


3. Don't Apply Too Many Products

Over layering your skin is not the same as a good coat of product. Sometimes your skin needs to breathe, and the best way to help it is by keeping your routine simple. 


On average all you need is a moisturizer, eye cream and an oil. 


Following these tricks will gradually have a positive effect on your skin. But as much as I mention the importance of being consistent, keep in mind that it takes time for products to work on your skin. If you've had skin problems for some time, I recommend seeing a dermatologist. You will thank me for it!


What's your beauty regimen like? Comment below or send me an e-mail with any questions: beautybymarianela@gmail.com


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