Review: Detox Your Body & Look And Feel Amazing With Toned Tea

August 3, 2018


Let's for once second, think about the importance of a healthier life. The thought of switching up old eating habits may me perceived as scary, but in reality it's worth it. For quite some time I've gradually eliminated bad food and curved my appetite towards foods, and drink, that will have a gradual effect in my body.


Just recently I was approached by Toned Tea Skinny Detox, a company that gathers the finest ingredients to create a tea like no other. Each blend is composed of herbs, whole leaves and berries. The powerful fusion is divided into two packs, one for the day and one for the night. 


The morning tea helps by reducing inflammation and bloating. It also helps burn fat and boosts your energy levels. The night time tea allies with your body and cleans out any toxins that you might have in your system.


If you're interested in purchasing the two packs I tried (and am hooked on!), make sure to click here and use the promo code BBMnela for a wonderful 20% off discount. Plus keep reading for a delicious recipe!




My results:


Changes and Improvements


After a few days of carefully following the regimen, I began to feel better. I've had stomach issues for quite some time, and not everything that I eat, or drink, has the same effect. There are many foods that I shouldn't eat,  but still do (I'm sure I'm not the only one). On the days in which I'm not feeling my best what truly helps is a diet change


Both teas worked amazingly well. Not only did I feel a relief, but I also noticed an improvement on my skin- especially on the areas where I'm prone to breakouts. 


I would truly recommend this product to any girl, or boy, who wants to improve his or her skin, while feeling more energized and feeling better. Here's my recipe:


Although I can't drink hot tea, I don't let this stop me from the herbal benefits behind the ancient drink. Swap your morning lemon water for this:



Toned Tea (Day or Night)

Frozen Fruits

Almond Milk

Fresh Fruit



Blend the frozen fruits with 1 cup of almond milk.  Add three tablespoons of Toned Tea and continue blending. Serve and top with fresh fruit. 


If you’re interested, I do have a coupon code BBMnela, which will take off 20% of your purchase. Both tea’s are natural, vegan, gluten, allergen and laxative free, not to mention that they’re also non GMO.


As always!




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