Best Ways to Shape and Color Eyebrows

August 25, 2018


Once upon a decade ago, thin-light brows were not as notorious as they are today. Having recently purchased new eyebrow products, I came to the conclusion of the power behind these short hairs—they can either frame your entire face, or even make your nose appear wider. 


If the thought of naturally shaped and colored brows have impacted your decision before plucking, these are the tips you should follow to sculpt like a pro.



Real Techniques That Work


On the market, there are game changing tools and formulas to choose from. But none of them will work unless you pick the one that truly compliments you. Here are some tips:


  1. Stay away from black shades and aim for browns instead. Whichever hue you choose, make sure it compliments your hair color.

  2. Start off with eyebrow powders and pencils as opposed to gels. These will give you more control and tend to look more natural. 

  3. Seal your brows with a lighter shade of gel. Doing so will make your brows look fuller (I promise!). 


The two products I highly recommend are Anastasia's Perfect Brow Pencil (Sephora, $30.00) and ULTA Beauty's brow tint ($10.00). Another great color is Buck from the Naked Palette. Although it was discontinued it's beautiful!


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I hope these tips inspire you! Ahead is a back to school makeup tutorial!







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