Get Ready With Me: Morning Beauty Regimen

October 8, 2018

Whether a morning person or not, starting the day right can have a positive impact in how it'll turn out. The same applies to your skin. Prepping your face nice and early is as important as doing so at night. In fact, it can change the way your foundation, creams, and powders blend onto your skin. 


Below are three products that I've used on a daily basis for the past month. Not only have they helped with breakouts, but have left my skin feeling fresh and hydrated. 



Step 1: Clinique's Acne Solution Cleansing Foam


(c) Clinique

Price: $21.00

Hormonal acne is real, and for many it doesn't disappear after puberty. A lot of adults have breakouts throughout their lives. But luckily there are treatments (and awesome doctors) who could help eliminate these stubborn bumps. 


Every morning in the shower I use Clinique's gentle cleansing foam all throughout my face. The formula dissolves and glides easily through your skin with water. With continual use you'll start seeing an improvement. 


Step 2: Clinique's Clarifying Lotion 4

Price: $16.00

Although this product caters to people with oily skin, I find that it doesn't dry up my face. Instead it preps and gets rid of any dirt that regular soap would've left behind.


The best way to apply the clarifying lotion is with a cotton ball. What I do is to gently dab the product on the areas where dirt tends to concentrate the most. For example, on the sides of my nose, jawline and underneath the eyes. 


Step 3: Clinique's Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel

Price: $28.00

If there's an iconic moisturizer you need to have, is Clinique's Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel (or lotion). As the name states, the powerful, yet very subtle formula can transform dry skin. Not only can this be used before makeup, but also at night combined with your favorite beauty creams and serums. 


As for SPF, I highly recommend using one that won't clog pores. This little tip makes a huge difference!


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