High End Products I'm Willing To Try for A Flawless Skin

November 5, 2018

Let's be honest, generously layered makeup will only look flawless for so long. I've always been keen to good skincare, as a healthy canvas is what'll determine the appearance of any product. Upon entering my favorite beauty store, Sephora, I'm mesmerized by the endless isles perfectly stacked with thousands of creams, serums, fragrances and gadgets that target skincare. 


Just recently I decided that I wanted to change up my usual ritual, specifically how I coat my skin at night and how I prime during the day. After careful research, these are my top picks!


Tatcha Primer - The Silk Canvas Protective Primer

Price: $52.00

Known for its beautiful packaging, the gentle primer promises to help you face feel smoother and give longevity to your makeup. It also prevents clogged pores and breakouts from happening. On most of the reviews I saw I did notice that the product leaves a subtle white cast behind. But if all the claims do truly work (which I'm sure the will knowing the brand), I'm willing to invest the money. 


Huda Beauty - The Overachiever Concealer 

Price: $30.00

Huda is recognized internationally for being one of the most influential and successful women in business, most certainly in the beauty world. But if there's one virtue I admire her for is honesty. All of Huda Beauty's products that I've tried truly do work, especially her eye shadows.  


When I learned that she was launching a concealer and saw the power behind it, I knew that I wanted it. Although I don't have dark under eye circles, I do love to illuminate my face for a more awake look. Perhaps my next visit to Sephora will entail a Huda purchase. 


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SK-II Facial Treatment Essence

Price: $179.00

A good moisturizer may not do the trick when it comes to wrinkle prevention. Sometimes the aid of more powerful products is needed. With SK-II Facial Treatment Essence not only are you preventing dark spots, firming and improving texture, but also helping fine lines and wrinkles appear less noticeable. 


This is perhaps one of my most wished upon products and I might get it. 


What are your favorite beauty products? Send me an e-mail at beautybymarianela@gmail.com


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